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Why "Whole Hearted"?

When I first started this journey I believed that I was broken. I believed that if I worked harder, changed enough and tried to become someone different I could finally heal. The more I believed I was broken, the more I found about myself to "work on". I constantly thought that one day I would find the right answer and be fixed. So many different places, therapists, groups and people solidified this belief. As I continued along my journey I noticed I was not really getting better. I was just searching for the next thing about me to fix. It was a revolutionary act of rebellion when I found out that actually, the only thing "wrong" with me was the mistaken belief I held that I was somehow, not whole. Once I viewed myself as whole and complete, just as I am right now, everything changed. I now live my life in a different way, and I no longer buy into anyone or anything that tries to convince me there is something wrong with me. Sometimes the journey of healing means finally seeing how whole we actually are, and have been, this whole time. Perhaps that will be our work together too.

More about Marissa (she/her)

I am an educator, skilled facilitator and counsellor who is genuinely and wholeheartedly engaged in this journey of healing. I call myself a “healthy love” activist. I hold degrees in Psychology, Counselling (MA) and Education. Before entering the counselling field, I worked as an educator and then as a counsellor for children and youth. I have lived and worked in Canada, the US and Italy. I am also a person in recovery who has 15 years of sobriety from drugs and alcohol. I currently work as a trauma, addictions and relationship therapist with families, groups, couples and individuals in beautiful Victoria, BC as well as online with people all over Canada.

I specialize in helping people understand, investigate, and re-pattern their relationship histories and I have extensive personal and professional knowledge and experience in narcissistic abuse and recovery from codependency and love addiction. I create and facilitate online courses to teach people how to date in a healthier way and hope to spread the word about “slow dating” and healthy love. When I am not involved in learning and teaching about love, sex and relationships, you might find me riding my motorcycle (really fast), speaking Italian (poorly) and spending time in nature.

I believe that we do not heal alone and that we can learn how to be in healthy relationships through being in relationships with others. One thing you should know about me is that I do my own work - I engage in personal and professional therapy and take part in support groups too. I believe that therapists have a professional and ethical responsibility to be aware and in touch with their own mental health so that they can be there for clients in alignment with their best selves.

Learn more about me and my work here:

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