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Everything Begins and Ends With the Heart. 


Marissa Boyce 

Hi, thank you for visiting my site. Maybe someone mentioned my name to you or you found me on social media or maybe you were just googling counsellors in your area. However you found me, I'm glad you did. I work with clients in person, online and run groups with people all over North America.

I am a counsellor, educator and facilitator who is passionate about helping people understand, investigate, and re-pattern their relationship histories. I also am a powerful ally when it comes to understanding and rewriting your family and childhood narrative.  

I am a trained trauma, addictions, couples' and family therapist. I work through a systemic lens - which means I take a persons' whole context into view when I work with them and help them expand their story so they can see the full picture. You see, I believe that we are NOT all just individuals with mental illnesses and diseases inside of our heads. We are people that live in systems with other people and we are also the product (and participants) of the culture in which we live in.

I am someone who has been through a lot and worked hard to understand, heal and forgive myself. I have stumbled and made many mistakes through my healing journey. One of the main mistakes I have made was believing shame based stories about how I was the problem and if I only just "fixed myself" or "tried harder" then I could be magically better. This took me on a very long and arduous journey. But now I know more, and I am hoping to share some of what I learned with you. 

Is there a magical secret or recipe to healing our trauma, maladaptive patterns and relationships? I have not found one yet. But there is one thing I do know. We heal through relationships with others. We heal our attachment and relationship injuries through being in safe and secure intimacy with the people in our lives. This includes with your therapist. I think there is a lot of healing that can be done through a powerful relationship with someone you trust.

Areas of Focus

Specializing in Trauma, Relationships and Intimacy

Relationship Counselling

Marissa has been working with couples and has many tools, strategies, and unique methods to help you and your partner have better communication and intimacy. She also works with families in order to help them work through broken or blocked communication or strengthen relationships.


Marissa has been trained and is working as a trauma therapist using many different kinds of therapies like DBT and Cognitive Processing Therapy (CPT). She also works with individuals affected by childhood trauma, CEN (childhood emotional neglect), and CPTSD (Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder).​

Love Addiction/Healthy Dating/Narcissistic Abuse

Have you been experiencing the same dating patterns over and over again? Maybe you keep ending up with emotionally unavailable partners, experience repeated trauma bonds or have even suffered from narcissistic abuse? Find out how Marissa can work with you to help you create new healthy dating strategies.

Inner Child, Reparenting and Attachment

Childhood and developmental trauma can be a stumbling block to our adult relationships because of the way our attachment systems were not cared for and nurtured in our early years. Find out how Marissa can work with you to help you work through your childhood trauma.

Intimacy, Sex and Pleasure

Marissa works with couples and individuals to help them improve their connection to their own intimacy and intimacy with their partner(s). Find out more about how she can help you with intimacy, sex and pleasure.

Substance Use and Codependency

Marissa helps people with substance misuse issues like drugs and alcohol. She also helps people with other dependencies like love and sex addiction and codependency. Find out more how Marissa could work with you in this area.

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